Our Approach

Through planning and frequent collaboration between the customer and development team we ensure all projects are delivered on spec and on time. We will always set sensible budgets and deliverable timescales before embarking on a project. We also believe in clear objectives - not general aims, but specific performance indicators that can measure your return on investment.


A Solweb project manager meets with the client to realise their current situation, their aims and key objectives.


Project team is appointed, drawing upon a mix of diverse skills from technical, programming, creative and marketing. All the necessary details are collated, including:

  • Evaluation of other marketing and/or website activities
  • Analysis of competitors online presence and/or solution
  • Architecture of current system software and technological considerations for integration
  • Define the key project aims, objectives and budget considerations
present brief

This document will outline the clients overall requirements for the project, proposed solution with details of the selected technology, technical specification, detailed project plan, project milestones, overall timescales, budget/costs and terms of business.


Once the brief has been created, the creative department set about creating the look of the project including any corporate branding required. This is normally a two way process as we ensure clients are kept as up to date as possible and given as much input in the final result.

Once all revisions have been made, the design will then be signed off and the development process will begin


The development phase is critical. Here the various members of the project team collaborate to design and construct the solution, ensuring the clients specifications are matched exactly. The whole process is driven utilising the best and most recognised programming practises, with meticulous testing performed at each stage of the development.


We know that communication is the lifeblood of every project. Therefore, during the test phase regular contact between the client and project manager will help both parties to evaluate the design and functionality of the solution

sign off

After extensive testing the final completed solution is launched and signed off by the client.


We also operate support contracts that safeguard against issues concerning new technologies, server administration and critical updates.

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