Advanced EDI Solution

Intergrating Multiple SQL databases via a custom EDI Application

Typically an EDI is a direct link between 2 systems, transferring data concurrently via an automated link, or sometimes via a manual intervention request. However, there are occasions when an EDI can be written to transfer data across multiple systems, ensuring fluid and consistent data transfer. A typical EDI application which uses a web based portal to allow the customer to access feedback and logs is outlined below. This was a data transfer between the following applications:

  • Omnify BOM (Bill of Materials) Management Software
  • 123insight – MRP/ERP Software

This EDI has manual intervention, which means the customer is able to specify when a transfer takes place, and view logs about what information has been transferred. The following information is transferred across the systems, ensuring data is consistent and correctly revised:

  • BOM information from Omnify into 123insight
    • New parts are automatically created in 123insight, including all child parts and routings
    • Works Orders that need to be rescheduled will be highlighted to the customer should this be required
    • A Purchase Order report is generated consisting of any orders that have been affect by changes in BOM structure
  • Sales order from Omnify created as Works Orders in 123insight
  • Export sales order information from 123insight into bespoke Delivery Database

This EDI has been used for a number of years and has resulted in consistent data across all platforms and granted the customer greater levels of traceability and improved response times to rapidly changing product requirements.

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