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Ensuring their software fits the way they work

A Sales Order Processing Overlay (SOP Overlay) is a way of bringing together essential features of a sales order and accounting system into one, easy to use application which directly integrates with the core database. Solweb were approached to develop a SOP Overlay for use with Access Dimensions, which also incorporated live data pulled directly from their website, with the main objective being to streamline the process, and give their sales team quick access to customer history. The data needed to be pulled directly from the Access Dimensions database, and then automatically create orders and allocate stock.

The key aspects include the ability to view a purchase history of each customer, viewing their previous prices and being able to drop these items directly into a new order. This then automatically allocates stock to prevent the large sales team from promising sales that cannot be delivered. It also allows for quick stock checks, and will prompt the sales team to upsell certain items set by the management, but also based on customers favourite products.

Another key feature was to show a live feed of items that have been marked as a special offer on their website, and encourage these items to be sold, which can again be dropped into the order directly from the list. Having this information directly available in one screen creates a fluid sales process and significantly reduces the risk of user error and keeps their customers happy.

Before the project got underway, the customer had a strong idea of what they were looking to achieve and worked alongside Solweb to develop screen layouts to ensure all key data was easily accessible and clear to anyone without the need for additional training. Once implemented, this overlay quickly became a vital tool in the sales process, improving efficiency and boosting sales targets.

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