Organise your shop floor

A tablet based Scheduling, Picking and Despatch System for 123insight

Solweb developed a Product Issuing and Despatch System as part as a large suite of applications to allow a large automotive manufacturer to streamline their production methods and allow their shop floor team to directly interact with their manufacturing system. This was designed to run specifically on a set of tablets which can be used on the shop floor by their warehouse and despatch department.

There are various user profiles, each giving access to their relevant parts of the system. A Scheduler is able to look up sales orders directly from their Live Manufacturing System (123insight) and then specify when orders need to be ‘Picked’ and when orders need to be despatched. There are also designated slots available each day which give the management team a live overview of progress, and allow them to quickly see which orders need to be delivered, and what their status is.

Once orders have been scheduled, the team of pickers are able to print a picking list, gather all of the items which are then automatically issued to the sales order within 123insight. Once all of the items have been picked, the items can be inspected (using a separate application we have developed for them) and then they can be despatched

Despatches are based on time slots which may contain multiple sales orders against the same customer. Once all of the labels have been scanned on the finished goods, the despatch slot is marked as completed, and a despatch note is automatically created in 123insight, and all of the documentation can be created

The implementation was such a success, a modified version of the application was ordered for use in a different location which adds additional functionality including stock replenishment, the creation of works orders and location transfers.

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