Web Based Stock Management

Stock Management with a bespoke website front-end with automatic reporting funcitons

Sometimes a website development project comes along that is a little out of the ordinary, requiring us to rethink how a website is expected to behave in order to provide our customers with the result they require. One such example involved the creation of a stock management system that was used by a plant and flower distributor. The first phase of development included an on-line stock management backend which was designed specifically for use with tablets. They are able to take a photo of a plant when it arrives and then fill out the required information before it is uploaded and activated on the website. The result is a fluid system which can easily be maintained as soon as stock arrives, without the need to navigate through any complex administration areas.

As for the website site front end, an unusual approach was taken that involves registered customers being able to log in and view the current items that are available in a simple to navigate layout. When a customer adds an item to their basket, the stock is essentially allocated straight away, and then actually confirmed as a customer order after a set period of time. This allows customers to continually add to their daily order throughout the day without having to proceed through a long checkout procedure every time they wish to place an order.

Furthermore, the shop is only available at certain times throughout the day, to allow stock to be taken and distributed within their pre-set time periods. This means that at the end of the day, an order report can be printed and the distribution lorries can be loaded safe in the knowledge that no items will be missed for the evening delivery.

The end result is a bespoke web application that has become an essential tool for improving efficiency and allowing their customers more freedom with their order process; rather than having to send through an order list at the end of the day.

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