Painthouse / Polyseam Ltd

Custom Data Bridge Integration with Third Party Website

About Painthouse

Painthouse are a contemporary paint brand with a conscience and created with your modern lifestyle in mind. Wrapping up over 25 years of intelligent chemistry and trade secrets from their parent company, Polyseam, each and every Painthouse colour is mixed-to-order.

The Brief

Solweb were approached by Polyseam to assist with the streamlining of the Painthouse sales order process, specially relating to online sales made on their bespoke e-commerce website. Their website had already been in development when we were approached, having heard about Solweb and our Data Bridge integration solution from the numerous success stories. As their business can move quickly, it was essential that the sales process is as fluid as possible, so the prospect of having all orders placed on their website automatically being created in their accounting and stock management system was integral to their success.

A complete integration would need to ensure that all sales order details, (including all essential customer information), would be directly created in 123insight without any human intervention. The solution would also need to carry out stock adjustments once the order has been successfully created.


As the website was written by a third-party provider, Painthouse were interested to know whether our Data Bridge service to be configured to allow such connectivity. Our integration service has been configured to work with a variety of software packages such as Sage and Access Dimensions, however, we are also able to provide custom solutions when not readily available. This can include connectivity with a currently unsupported end system, or even a bespoke flow of data and processes, with additional specialisations.

For the successful implementation with Painthouse, we were required to create a custom task that would allow the Data Bridge to not only connect to the website and gather order and customer information from a custom-built API, but would also update the website once a sales order has been processed.


The Data Bridge constantly monitors the website via the API, and will detect any new orders that have completed, and yet to be processed. When a new order has been found, all of the order details, including key customer information, will be retrieved, and then securely sent to the 123insight SDK, creating a seamless link between the website and their core sales system.  Furthermore, our custom-written monitoring tools enables us to ensure connectivity remain consistent, and alert Painthouse to any problems with orders, or website connectivity.


With the Data Bridge having become an integral part of their sales process, we look forward to continuing our relationship as the company continues to go from strength to strength.

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