Cookie Facts

What is a cookie?

Cookies are very simple text files which get downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. This will generally contain basic information such as site name and a unique user ID which the website can then use to determine if you have been on the site before and can use this knowledge to create an individual user experience. This can be anything from pre-filing in website forms, counting visitors, personalising content and recording user preferences.

What is the new EU cookie Law?

The new EU Cookie Law is a modification to the EU Privacy and Electronic Directive which was put in place to protect the online privacy and to safeguard users against unwanted marketing. The changes to the law are to ensure the each user has given prior consent before accepting all non-essential site cookies.

Cookies using personal data need to comply to DPA 1998 and will be a focus for ICO enforcement. The greater the relation your website's cookies have to your users' personal data the more robust your approach to managing them should be. Every website owner needs to make sure their website complies.

Essential and Non-Essential Cookies

Some websites can be designed so they actually rely on the use of cookies to provide the full functionality of the website, examples of which could include Shopping Basket functionality on e-commerce websites. These cookies can be used to track the contents of your cart as you move around the site. This is an example of an Essential Cookie.

Non-Essential cookies are usually in place collect information about the user for analytical reasons that do not actually affect the functionality of the website. These could be implemented by the website itself or by third party advertisers such as Google Analytics. These are the cookies which are being targeted by the new law.


We use cookies to help improve the quality of the services we offer and analyse how our website is used. No personal data is collected. Please read our Cookie Policy here.

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