Great sites for users not algorithms

At the end of April 2012 Google announced and began implementing changes to its search algorithms. These changes will penalise over-optimized sites which violate the company's existing quality guidelines. They will reward those making great sites for users not just algorithms.

'These changes will reduce the amount of sites that show high-up on a user's search results that are not useful or valuable to the user. In other words, they will cut down on web spam and find content that delivers what the user asked for in their search,' explained Wayne Dix, Solweb's Managing Director.

So if your site is 'stuffed' with keywords and link schemes to boost its search ranking and it breaches Google's quality guidelines, then it's likely your site will be affected and its page ranking will drop off significantly.

Some sites that are not infringing the guidelines, may well get caught up in this algorithm change and see their page rankings drop as well. But those sites not actively trying to manipulate their ranking should see it reinstated with subsequent tweaks to their websites.

The team at Solweb has a deep understanding of SEO and has seen many changes come and go since the phrase was first coined in 1997.'White hat' SEO as it's known in the industry aims to improve the visibility of a website or page naturally. SEO can be incorporated into website development and design, from content management systems to the use of images or functional aspects like shopping carts they can all be optimised for search engines.

Over the years some SEO practitioners have used methods not recommended or approved by the search engines, known as 'black hat' SEO. This method has inevitably led to the search engines creating more ways to prevent these tactics from achieving high page ranking for the sites which employ them.

Instead, sites which are built on good design, quality content which engages users and provide them with the information they search for will be more successful. It is these sites which should be rewarded by this algorithm change with more accurate and in some cases higher page rankings.

If you want to improve the performance and page ranking of your website naturally with excellent design and development call us. We have the expertise and in depth knowledge of SEO to deliver the right results for your business and its customers.

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