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123 Insight Limited is an award winning company who have developed an end-to-end manufacturing enterprise management solution that covers everything from quoting, sales, stock control and CRM. We have been an authorised partner since 2003 and have built up a comprehensive knowledge of the system and how we can help their customers enhance the features already on offer.

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Services offered

A Completely Integrated Solution

Further to our software development and general 123insight assistance, we have also developed a standalone software solution called WebPortal which can be easily integrated with 123insight to automate your website.

For a small set-up fee and a monthly rental, we will design and host your website as well as pass information directly from your 123insight server up to your website in real-time. This will allow your customers to have access to your data without any administration on your behalf. This can include your customers sales and invoice history, up-to-date pricing stuctures (including customer specific pricing), stock information as well as any information from bespoke software applications that you run alongside 123insight. We can also integrate e-commerce facilities so your customers can placed orders on line and then have all of this information created in 123insight without the need to create any sales orders yourselves!

For more information, please click here or you can call us on 01202 232 846 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and highlight the benefits you can gain from a fully integrated system.

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  • Tel: +44 (0)1202 232846
  • VAT No: GB 737235430
  • Registered in England
  • Company No. 03913463