Solweb CMS

A modular content management system that puts you in control.

Solweb’s Content Management System lets you control your own website. Your website is fundamental for good business: it’s often the first thing a client will see. Regardless of your sector, you want to make the best impression. However, you don’t want to have to contact a web developer every time you want to make a small change.

The benefits of Solweb CMS.

  • Complete Control

    Keep your site up to date

    At Solweb we have developed our own CMS to cater for the ever expanding needs of our clients. Using a simple and intuitive system you can control the content of your site, upload images, documents and videos, or simply just have well formatted text that can be changed without any effort or programming knowledge.
  • Targeted Features

    Don't be overwhelmed

    Rather than give you a blank canvas and overwhelm you with a full CMS Solution, we work alongside you to ensure you only have the features that you require without losing control. Features can easily be added along your journey, so speak to us today about how we can help
  • Simplicity

    Keep it Simple

    The streamlined CMS ensures updating content can be as simple or as complex as your website required. From advanced marketing features, detailed product management, to a comprehensive delivery manager, Solweb will provide you with the editing capabilities that are implemented with your requirements as the primary focus

What you can achieve with Solweb’s Content Management System.

With SolwebCMS, you have full editing capabilities, search engine optimisation functions, high level security, spell checker, an advert manager, a page builder, a menu builder and so much more!


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