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Four ways a bespoke CRM system could benefit your business

Monday 5 September 2022

A bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system tracks and manages all interactions with your customers, offering lots of different benefits that can help your company to save time, increase market share and enhance customer satisfaction.

If that hasn’t convinced you already, here are four more reasons why your business should consider creating one…


1. It gives you one place to store and access customer information

A CRM system provides a central platform where your business can keep all of its customer information, including contact numbers and addresses, sales history, sector knowledge and details of any special requirements.

The system can be easily accessed by colleagues across the business, making sure that everyone can see relevant customer details, as and when they need them. This is particularly helpful when teams are working remotely, or are located in different cities or time zones, as it reduces the need for paper documents or access to folders saved on local servers.

This access to up-to-date customer information can empower your team to serve your customers to the best of their ability and in an efficient manner - enhancing both customer and staff satisfaction levels.


2. It helps you get to know your customers - and keep them

A CRM system can help you and your team to understand more about your existing customers, as it captures important customer information including demographics, purchase records and details of previous interaction across all channels.

A bespoke CRM system can include the functionality to sort customers by data that you've collected about them over time, such as location, date of previous interaction, or budget. This makes it easier to target particular groups of customers with tailored messages that correspond to their own situation and the previous interactions they have had with your business.

Knowing more about your customer base means that you’ll develop a more meaningful understanding of them and their needs. This allows you to interact with them based on their preferences, interests and values; a personalised approach that makes customers feel valued, promotes loyalty and drives revenue. Working in this way can even enhance your company's reputation through word of mouth and referrals as your customers share their experiences with others.


3. It supports better decision making

A bespoke CRM system can include tailored analytics tools to help you understand more about how your business is performing in various areas. These tools can measure relevant KPIs such as sales figures or customer satisfaction, or analyse the performance of a particular project, sales team, or individual marketing campaign.

You simply choose the insights that are important to you, then filter them according to a range of variables. For example, you may want to look at sales figures by location, team member, or category to better understand how your company is performing.

You can then use these reports to identify trends within certain areas of your business, enabling you to develop performance-related forecasts that support the strategic planning process and help you make key decisions based on clear evidence.


4. It enhances communication within your team

A CRM system can make it easier for your team to communicate with each other. The shared system means it's clear to see when team members have spoken with a customer and what they talked about, without staff needing to update each other verbally or by email. This can help your team to keep messaging consistent, and avoid the need for customers to explain issues or requirements multiple times.

A CRM system can also give your team the power to tag each other in alerts or tasks, and send messages and emails. This makes communication easy, and keeps your team members connected and up to date with each other’s workloads.


As you can see, there are a number of reasons why it’s time for your business to consider a bespoke CRM system. To find out more about how this might work in practice,take a look at how we helped Dorset Business Mentors to develop a custom-designed CRM system that addressed the issues their company was facing and helped to foster a much more streamlined way of working.

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