Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

As a custom software development company, we often get asked what is it exactly that you do. Because of the wide variety of projects that we complete, it can be quite dfficult to give a specific answer. However, if we had to give one, then the most accurate answer would be that we develop bespoke software that is tailored to your business.

Too often, businesses purchase "off the shelf" software, in the belief that it is the best fit for them and how their business operates. The reality is, only 50-60% of the functionality available is generally used and it becomes a bit of a wasted spend. We are not going to dismiss these applications as a total waste of time/money, as some are very good and provide many benefits. However, what we do at Solweb, is we build the software, so that it fits in your business exactly and 100% of the functionality is utilised. This approach ensures the need for manual input is reduced,  maximum time savings are made, inceasing the efficiency of your business. Furthermore, all of our software is built with the future in mind, so should your business change its processes or grows rapidly, we can adapt, upgrade or bolt on new software to the original application to ensure it adequately manages the changes. 



We offer three main services - 

1. Development of bespoke/custom software applications - We create bespoke solutions and custom applications to help your business run efficiently. Every company has its own unique processes that you shouldn’t have to change to tailor to something else so we adapt off-the-shelf software or develop something new to help you advance.

2. Automation/Data Transfer - Your data in the form of business documents, orders, invoices or other structured formats can be electronically exchanged between different computer applications or systems using our data transfer technology. The integration of two existing systems means that regular, repetitive tasks involving data entry are automated, avoiding human errors and massively saving time. Up to date information is available whenever you want it, wherever you are.

3. E-Commerce Web Solutions - Our team are incredibly experienced at creating functional websites based on the client’s needs for use and design. The quality of a website can have a profound effect on the success of your business so we develop our e-commerce solutions to reflect you and your precise requirements.

Quite often, these three services overlap and we specialise in not only creating tailored software, specific to your business, but we can then ensure that systems "talk" to each other, negating the need to export files, print off documents and duplicate manual entries. Installation of our products such as Accounts Gateway or Databridge , will ensure that data is passed automatically which allows staff who are completing administrative tasks, to potentially work on more pro active tasks such as marketing or business development. We can also develop custom reports and automate the creation and delivery to key personnel should this be needed. 

Once we have developed, thoroughly tested and deployed your software, we offer a comprehensive support package so you can be safe in the knowledge that in the unlikely event, you suffer any issue with the application or service, our developers are on hand to resolve quickly and with minimum, if any,  interruption to your business. We operate an in house monitoring system that alerts us to any issues that may occur. It is often the case, that we are alerted to an issue and rectify it before you have even noticed there was a problem! We offer a complete service to ensure you can focus on running your business and be assured that you have, not only the most effective software, but that it is being actively monitored and can be upgraded to accommodate any business changes at any point in time if needed. 




If you are in the position where time is of a premium and your software is not doing what you need it to do, contact us and let our team help you to help your business. 

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