Over the Years at Solweb

Solweb Ltd commenced production in the year 2000. As we continue to serve our growing list of clients throughout the rest of 2024, next year will see us reach a significant milestone, that being our SIlver Anniversary. 25 years in business is no mean achievement, especially when you consider we have weathered a recession, a pandemic and a cost of living crisis that stubbornly refuses to leave our shores. Since our inception, we have steadily grown our client base, helping countless businesses predominantly within the manufacturing and engineering sectors to save time and money by introducing our software to enhance their business processes. 



Our clients vary widely in terms of what they make or supply. We have developed new and innovative software for our customers within the following industries: Automative, Aviation, Electronics, Plastics, Drilling, Heating, Rail, Lighting, Chemical, Telecommunications, Pumps, Fabrics, Technical, Trailers, Off Grid Energy, Agriculture, Defence, Rubber, Scientific Equipment and many, many more. The one thing all of our clients have in common however, is that they are using our software that saves them valuable time and money within their respective businesses.  

We take the time to understand how a business works and pose questions that the client may not have thought of. Our experience in developing bespoke solutions means we know what works when it comes to making changes to increase efficiency. At a time when businesses need to be more streamlined than ever, we offer solutions that deliver on that need. So how do we do this?

- We review current processes and offer automation solutions that take away the need for manual input by staff, this allows businesses to free up personnel to undertake more proactive tasks such as new sales or business development. This discovery phase of any project takes place in the very early stages of the project and is key to ensuring we deliver exactly what the client requires. 

- Software is a fast changing industry and upgrades are constantly being released. We build all of our software applications, so that should clients wish to add to them, upgrade or introduce new functionality, this can be completed without having to rebuild the application from scratch. This keeps the costs down for the client but enables them to keep the software relevant and able to deal with new processes or changes that are introduced to the business. 

- Cost. All new software costs, we are good but even we can't change that!! But, the key is to look at the bigger picture and understand how that initial investment will help to improve the efficiency within the business and give a swift return on that investment. Our clients that have invested in our software, are now reaping the benefits and enjoying the assocated profits. 

- Reporting. Should a client want comprehensive reports delivered to certain personnel, all of this can be designed and incorporated into the development and scheduled according to the clients requirements. 

- Once we have developed and deployed the software, we offer a very robust support system that gives the client the peace of mind, in the unlikely event there is an issue or error, it will be resolved quickly. The majority of our support tickets are resolved the same day they are sent in, at the latest the following business day. Due to the way we manage the support system, we can frequently resolve any issues before the client is even aware. 

- Aftercare. We believe that maintaiining good client relations are key to successful, long term business relationships, so we carry out regular on site visits to all new and existing clients. This gives our clients the regular opportunity, should they wish, to discuss how their software is performing, the need for any changes,  talk about any potential new projects they may have in the pipeline and the opportunity for a general discussion about their business and plans for the future. 



Whatever business you are in, if you have standalone systems that do not talk to each other, still use countless spreadsheets to manage operations or are still using manually printed checklists that are placed on clipboards in the office or on the shop floor, then maybe give us a call or drop an email in and see what we can offer. It may well be the best decision you make this year....


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