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At Solweb we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide solutions which deliver results. We understand the e-commerce arena and know that reliability and scalability are important, but we also understand that nobody knows your business like you. What you require is the technology to support your business not the other way round. That's why Solweb develop solutions which can be tailored to integrate with your internal systems and processes.

What is WebPortal?

WebPortal is a tried and tested system that bridges the gap between your internal management system and your commercial website. Data is passed to and from our secured data servers controlled by the WebPortal synchronisation program, ensuring your customers have access to up-to-date product and account information without you having to update data in multiple locations, saving you both time and money. As well as up to date information including account, price and stock information, you will also have all order information created in your internal accounting systems such as Sage or Access without any interaction from a sales person.

Integrate... Don't Delegate

WebPortal can integrate with 123insight, Access Dimensions, Sage Line 50 and Sage Line 200, along with the majority of other standard applications which utilise current database technologies.

We can design your site to look, act and feel however you want, and with the majority of the data being pulled from your existing systems, you can be up and trading in a very short space of time with very minimal effort.

For a small setup fee, and a small monthly fee your business could be trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you sell off the shelf or bespoke products, require an online sales facility or just want to simplify account management and progress chasing, WebPortal will quickly become your most conscientious, efficient and cost effective member of staff.

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