Automated Data Transfer can be introduced in a variety of ways depending on the system and type of integration you are looking to achieve. We are able to utilise our high customisable Data Bridge® transfer service which is a service-based application that has been developed using Microsoft’s .NET Framework. This is installed on your local server, and will connect to each end-point using the most appropriate method for each task being carried out. All we need is a way to access and create data in the target system. Integrations can also be written with additional controls in place that allow you to monitor any pending transactions and approve them before the data is transferred.

Does your website have an API allowing us to check for new orders?

We can connect, extract the data, and transfer the order information directly into your Accounting/Manufacturing System.

Do you receive EDI files from your suppliers?

We can monitor a server location, extract the data, and sent it to your manufacturing system, creating works orders, forecast, sales orders, or even creating new parts.

Do you need to move data between multiple localised systems?

We can monitor each database, detect changes, and seamlessly move the data to the target system.

Do you need to Automated Reports to be distributed at set intervals?

As well as Data Transfer, our Data Bridge® service can also be used to perform custom tasks, including generating weekly management reports, keeping you up to date on business activity, even without access to internal management systems.

Are your requirements more complex?

Speak to our technical experts to see how we can assist.

Monitoring, Alerts, and Support

There is usually an additional connection to our secure configuration server (restricted by IP Address) which is used to gather settings, and to log any errors that occur. These logs are proactively monitored by our experienced support team, and we are automatically alerted to any errors in communication, from malformed data to loss of connectivity. This allows us to either correct any issues before you are even aware of a problem, or to alert you to any internal problems that may require your attention.

These logs can also be accessed via our cloud-based Data Bridge monitoring platform, where you can log in to view your Data Bridge logs, edit task settings, or to pause any transactions or tasks that are included within your setup.

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