Data Transfer

Help your business run smoother without the need for a bigger team.

Accurately transferring data from one format to another.

Your data in the form of business documents, invoices or other structured formats can be electronically exchanged between different computer applications or systems using our own products. This is done without the need for user intervention which could result in human errors during processing.

  • The benefits of Data Transfer.

  • Communication

    Build stronger relationships with partners regardless of the formatting type of data. Whether it's purchase orders or invoices, you will be able to send data hassle-free

  • Error-Free

    The costs of labour incurred for searching for mistakes and dealing with customer complaints will no longer be a problem, as everything is completed electronically.

  • Reduction of overhead costs

    There is no longer any need for manual, clerical and data entry which reduces the need for more team members.

  • Reduction of inventory costs

    Shorter order lead times and more efficient delivery cycles lower the company's stockholding

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint

    Reduce the need for paper, envelopes and documents. Also free up storage space required for hard copies.

What is EDI software and how can it help you?

EDI software (or Electronic Data Interchange software) is the interchange in information in an electronic format between business partners or between businesses and consumers. This software allows for easier trading of data as everything is digitised, thus making the need for paper disappear.

Installing EDI software into your business will help it run smoother as less time is spent scribing information and waiting for responses – your team can work more efficiently by prioritising more fundamental elements of their work day and you are updated with real-time information constantly, saving the hassle associated with the paper format.

Not only are you helping your business to flourish, your customers and partners can also be satisfied with the consistent, up-to-date information and you can enjoy a much lower carbon footprint.

These systems facilitate the exchange of business data between different applications, saving you time and money.

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