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EDI & System Integration

Accurately transferring data from one format to another

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems facilitate the exchange of business data between different applications. Our systems ensure data, such as purchase orders and invoices, is transferred accurately from one format to another – saving you time and money.

For example 'Company A' needs to automatically send its purchase orders from its purchasing application 'Application A' to a sales order processing application 'Application B' at its suppliers business 'Company B'. However 'Application A' and 'Application B' format this data differently and cannot communicate with one another. An EDI system will bridge the gap between these two applications facilitating the placing and receiving of orders without the need for user intervention.

EDI and Synchronisation

The benefits of EDI systems include:

  • Reduction of overhead costs – no need for manual clerical and data entry
  • Eliminates human errors – saving labour costs incurred searching for mistakes and dealing with customer complaints
  • Reduction of inventory costs – shorter order lead times and delivery cycles, lowering the company’s stock holding
  • Improved operational efficiencies - tightening relationships with your trading partners
  • Paper, envelopes and mailing costs also decrease as does the amount of storage required for hard copy documents.
For more information about our EDI solutions and our DataBridge Automated Transfer Service, please click here.

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